Publishing the rota to the app

The Nandoca app is integrated with your restaurant’s rota tool. The app can read the committed rota and then display the information to Nandocas that are using the app. The only thing you have to do differently is press the commit button in the rota tool when you’re ready to send the rota to the app.

Currently, you can only commit a rota once. Once committed, the rota is published to the app. This means that changes made in the rota tool after the initial commit will not appear in the app, even if you press commit again. 

Any edits after the initial commit can only be made in the app by a rota editor.

When a new week’s rota is published a notification is sent to all Nandocas that have shifts in that week’s rota. It can take up to an hour for the rota to appear in the app after it is committed.

If the rota is committed after 10pm, we don’t send a notification until the next morning after 9am. We do this to avoiding sending notifications too late at night.

Everyone in the restaurant can see the user list in the Settings, but only Patrãos can turn editors on and off.

Everyone in the restaurant can see the user list in the Settings, but only Patrãos can turn editors on and off.

Once the rota is committed for the week the only way to change what is displayed in the app is by using the ‘edit rota’ function in the app. 

In each restaurant, the Patrão automatically has the ability to edit the rota in the app, and they have the ability to give rota editing capabilities to anyone in the restaurant if they choose to. 

To give rota editing capabilities to a manager or supervisor, the Patrão needs to follow these steps: 

1. Tap the Settings tab

2. Tap User list

3. Find the person in your restaurant that you'd like to give rota editing capabilities to. Tap the toggle switch to the right of their name to flip it to Yes. 

The person will receive a notification telling them they've been made a rota editor, along with some information about how the app rota works. 


Once the week's rota has been committed in the rota tool, what appears in the app can only be changed by managers that have been given rota editing capabilities by their Patrão.

App rota editors will see a button on the full rota that says Edit rota. When tapped, editors can add, delete, or change the shifts on that day. 

Any changes made to the rota in the app are not currently reflected in the rota tool on your desktop. We’re investigating ways we could make this happen in the future.


If you feel strongly that edits made in the app should be reflected in the rota tool, or if it's important to your restaurant that the rota can be committed more than once per week, we'd love to hear why! Send feedback to