Writing stories in your restaurant

Always wanted to share stories directly to your Nandocas through the app? Now you can! ‘Local news’ is a brand new category, waiting for stories from your restaurant! All you have to do is to tap the write button, assemble your story with some nice words and text and hit publish. That’s all it takes! 



Once your story is published, it will appear for everyone in the restaurant. Don't worry about getting the language perfect. You can still make changes to the story once it is out there by tapping it!


First restaurant, then region

Nandocas want to see what other restaurants in their region are up to! So don't be afraid to think big. Your MD might pick up one of your stories and share it with your whole region! Isn't that great. 



Perhaps you’ve got a Nandoca that loves writing, or a buddy that wants to develop their communication skills? If so let them write the article and post it. You can make someone either a writer or a publisher.  A writer is able to submit stories, a publisher will publish them to the restaurant!

To make someone a writer and or publisher..
1. Go to settings > user list
2. Tap the team member you want to invite
3. Flick the switch and they will see the write button appear

Once a story got submitted by a writer, publishers will see it appear in the 'local news' category. The stories will be marked as 'awaiting approval'. To publish the story, just tap on it and hit publish or edit! All Nandocas will be able to see the story. Only publishers can edit it. 

Nandoca of the month

Share the good news and let your entire team know about the star they have in their midst


Fundraising for charity

Got a cause close to your heart or a Nandoca who has done something extraordinary for charity?  Be sure to share it so everyone can support


Customer moments

Gone the extra mile for a customer and done something special? Nandocas LOVE reading stories like this. 


More hints and tips?

Download our guide

Starters and leavers

New face behind the grill?  Tell your team so they can give them the great big warm welcome we’re famous for


Team training or nights out

Got an event coming up?  Let your Nandocas know by posting it into the app.  You can add reminders and even post a story after the event too.


Just being awesome!

Have you done something that you’re just super-proud of as a restaurant?  Maybe you’ve created a top-tastic training video, a marvellous merchandise display, or hit a new DTrT target.  Whatever it is, shout about it here and help your Nandocas feel proud