We're testing a prototype which will allow some restaurants to write stories in the app. Yes, that's right, your restaurant's news, in the news, on the app. 

How will it work?

The prototype is fairly simple for now. You and the Nandocas you pick will see a secret red button appear on the home screen. Got something to tell? Press it, think of a title, write down your story, add an image and publish it for the Nandocas in your restaurant to see. That's all there is to it! We’ve kept it simple on purpose. Your feedback will help us to make it better.


What if something goes wrong?

Don't panic, you are enrolled in a test phase, this means things are likely to go wrong. Got a story you need deleted or a great idea on how to improve the prototype? Just start a support chat in the Help section of the app! We are there for you and your Nandocas. That said, we will probably be in touch soon anyway, to see how we can make publishing better and easier for you.

Who will see the stories?

For now your stories will only be visible to other people in your restaurant. Later on your MD might choose a few of them to share across your entire region! But we will let you know once that’s possible. 

Who can write the stories?

Can you think of a few Nandocas or Managers who would make great story-tellers? Someone who is great at representing the restaurant? Send over their employee IDs by the end of the week and we will simply turn on the prototype in their app. It is literally us flicking on a switch in the backstage of the app, no one needs to install anything extra. Just send us a message through the app by tapping 'Help' then 'Chat with support'.

How do I know what to write about?

Well, we'll leave that entirely up to you, surprise us! This test is designed to be quite open and up for grabs. We want to see what you want to write, not the other way around.