The app is now available to the entire app panel!

Back near the end of 2016 we put a call out to any restaurants that wanted to take part in the trial release of the Nandoca app. We received an amazing response: 140 restaurants told us they were interested in being a part of the app panel, and as of April those restaurants have been releasing the app to their Nandocas. Including the original test restaurants that makes 157 restaurants and nearly 6000 Nandocas that have access to the app right now!

This is the latest wave of releases that we’re doing to really stress test the app and our processes. We’re also taking it as an opportunity to hear from a greater variety of Nandocas about what they need and what the app can do for them.

Excitingly, in order to get the app out to the app panel we’ve published it to the App Store and Google Play store. If you’re on the app panel you can download and log in to the app today! If you’re not in a restaurant on the app panel then you can still download the app, however you won’t be able to log in just yet.

What if I'm not on the app panel? When do I get the app?

Don’t worry! With all the things we’re learning from the app panel release we’re working hard to get the app into the hands of all Nandocas across the UK and Ireland. Watch this space for more info about when it’ll become available to all Nandocas.