The Nandoca App Panel - now recruiting

We've been rapidly developing and testing our prototype app with a small number of testers in Nando's Old Street and Nando's Bexleyheath. We're building this app with Nandocas, are now nearing a point where we'd like to start scaling the app and we need more testers so that we can continue to learn and improve.

Basically, we need a sharp team of Patrãos who are keen to help us make the app better. Think of it as an elite super team spread across the UK and Ireland with the power to make people even happier! 

What's in it for me?

You have the opportunity to help shape the future of the Nandoca app, which will be used by roughly 14,000 Nandocas when it's complete! Perhaps more excitingly, Patrãos who are a part of the App Panel will be first in line to receive access to the 'Alpha' version of the app. This is your chance to get early access to the rota, news, and any other features we're working on for your restaurant.

And what do I have to do?

We need your thoughts and feedback. We'll send you questions, requests for feedback, or ideas roughly once per week. And we'll need your feedback even more once we start doing alpha releases. Does the app make your life and the lives of your Nandocas easier? Is there anything missing? What can we do to improve? You should expect problems and bugs to arise occasionally during this early release, and we'll need your help to highlight them so we can make the app better. 

OK I'm in, how do I sign up?

UPDATE Feb 2017: Recruitment for the app panel is now closed. If you'd still like to be involved in early app releases get in touch with us via email at