Always improving

It's early days for the Nandoca app, so the app team needs you to be an active part of app development. We need your help collecting feedback from your fellow Nandocas to help us make the app better. If something isn’t working or needs improvement, we want to know!

Staying in touch

To contact the app team you can email us at You can also tap the "Help" tab in the app navigation, then tap "Chat with support" to send a message directly to the team


The Nandoca app is now available for download from the App Store on iOS devices, and from the Google Play store on Android devices. To download the app follow the links below.



Not all phones are supported

The unfortunate reality of technology is that some older phones, and phones that do not have either iOS or Android operating systems, aren't supported by the Nandoca app right now. If your phone isn't supported we want to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing the app team at


No password required

To be allowed access to the app, your mobile number needs to be correct in People Manager or MyNando’s. This is how we verify that people trying to log in are genuine Nandocas. If your mobile number can’t be matched with one in the system, you will see a holding screen.

If you’re stuck on this screen, head to MyNando's  and update your mobile phone number. Alternatively, managers can update Nandocas' numbers for them in People Manager. Once your number is updated, it can take 24 hours for the app to see your new number in MyNando’s, at which point you’ll receive a push notification letting you know that your app has been unlocked. 

Logging in.jpg

For rota managers only

The Nandoca app is integrated with your restaurant’s rota tool. The app can read the published rota and then display the information to Nandocas that are using the app. The only thing you have to do is press the “commit” button in the rota tool when you’re ready to send the rota to the app. For more info about how the app works with the Rota Tool click here.


You can only commit the rota once per week. once it’s committed, for changes to display in the app they'll need to be made in the app by a rota editor. 


If you have any problems with the app, we want to solve them! There are loads of ways to get in touch with us!


In the app

Tap the "Help" tab in the app navigation, then tap "Chat with support" to send a message directly to the team


Use the feedback form to send us ideas, thoughts or general feedback


Via Email

The app team can always be reached via email at